Smart electricity meters are a top green property feature which transmits usage data directly to utility providers in real-time. Where old technology meters are only read once per billing period and require a person to perform the reading, smart meters report consumption in real-time without the need for human intervention. Over and above the remote, real-time reading capabilities - smart meters also feature a built-in switch to remotely terminate electricity provision when units are depleted.

Smart electricity meters can help us control our consumption and reduce fossil fuel reliance.
Smart electricity meters can help us control our consumption and reduce fossil fuel reliance.

Top Smart Electricity Meter Benefits

View Real-Time Consumption Data

Smart electricity meters have built-in telemetry which can be accessed using third-party apps and software. This allows owners to view real-time consumption remotely so that power leakages and wastage can be prevented, identified or fixed. This remote monitoring tech also sends notifications of low balance ensuring that you never run out of electricity at home, at the office, or in your factory/warehouse.

No Nasty Month-End Surprises

The live information feed keeps us in the loop about preventing month-end surprises. When we have access to live data like this we can change our usage patterns. We no longer need to wait for a hefty bill to take a bite out of our budget before noticing elevated consumption which may even be caused by faulty appliances.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

By taking control of our monthly energy consumption, we can substantially reduce our carbon footprint. South Africa is still a country which relies heavily on the production of electricity through the burning of fossil fuels including diesel. Switching to superior smart meter technology will help you become part of the solution.

Municipalities, Bodies Corporate, & Homeowners Associations Can Be Notified of Unexpected Outages

Especially important during the time of load-shedding, it can be tricky to identify the cause of an unexpected electricity outage. Whether it be cable theft, or accidental service delivery interruption, it’s important to know exactly when an outage occurs to quickly respond and resolve the issue. Smart electricity meters give owners the full information needed to report service delivery issues timeously.

Future-Proof Technology

Smart electricity meter technology gives property owners the information they need to be ready for whatever the future of tariffs are in the City of Cape Town. Old-technology water meters are not able to record time of use whereas smart meters can. This means that you may be able to save big on monthly bills no matter what municipalities decide to do with their billing structures.

How are Smart Electricity Meters Made? quality smart electricity meters, like those manufactured by industry leader Kamstrup, are manufactured on fully automated, high tech production lines. Besides the precise manufacturing standards, their production lines also boast fully automated quality control measures. These measures image recognition technology to ensure all components are properly assembled without fault. All of this combines to offer a smart electricity meter with a 20 year lifespan.

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