Sell solar power back to the grid! The City of Cape Town has been granted an exemption by the National Treasury to start paying cash for power that will feed into the electrical grid. This will take effect from June 2023. This is a big win for the city, which has consistently petitioned for more energy independence from the national grid and its failing energy supplier, Eskom.

"If you’re thinking of investing in a solar system, it just got more attractive",

The decision by the Treasury advances the City’s campaign to become the first loadshedding-free metro. This also means that the city is exempt from competitive bidding or tendering for the purchase of power from residences and businesses. At present, the city is beginning the process of implementing administrative systems, prioritising commercial and industrial properties, that would accommodate the direct purchase of power for cash. The purchase of power from private residences would be possible by the end of 2023

“The sale of excess power by homes and businesses will contribute to Cape Town’s goal of

4-stages loadshedding protection within three years.”

InPower supports the initiatives by the City of Cape Town to increase power independence in the city and, as an accredited solar and backup power installer, is well positioned to meet all the energy needs of your property.