Save electricity and become more power independent with these 9 tips and get ahead of the City of Cape Town's tariff increase.

1: Save Electricity with Correct Meter Installation

This is particularly important for homeowners, managing agents and body corporates. Making sure you are recovering the correct amount of electricity being used is the very first step to saving on your electricity usage. You can find more tips on electric metering on our website.

2: Service Equipment Regularly to Avoid Leakages and Losses

This has a big impact on appliances that run throughout the day, like air conditioning units, fridges and freezers. Making sure your units are maintained and running as efficiently as possible will reduce the total energy required to power these units.

3: Lower the Temperature of Your Geyser

Your geyser is most probably set at around 75℃. Lowering this temperature to 55℃ will save you money, but still, keep your water hot.

4: Install a Timer On Your Geyser

Hot water geysers use a lot of energy to heat up and maintain their temperature throughout the day. Installing a timer on your geyser to heat up 30mins before use is one of the best ways to save electricity.

Solar Installation in Cape Town at the Boulevard Office Park.

5: Go Solar!

The only way to truly power independent is to go Solar! Small, domestic solar installations can see a return on the initial investment in only 5-7 years and even less than that for commercial solar installations. Whatever your Solar Power needs InPower has a solution for you!<

6: Avoid Copper Coil/Induction Heaters!

Avoid Copper Coil Heaters! These heaters use a lot more energy than some of their more efficient counterparts. Heat pumps and the like are incredible green property features.

7: Save Electricity by Insulating Your Geyser

Your geyser is without a doubt one of the biggest energy consumers. That means keeping your geyser insulated will help it maintain the temperature which means less electricity is consumed between ‘cool down’ periods.

solar power calculator
LED lightbulbs use less energy than other types

8: Change to LED to Save Electricity

There are all sorts of light bulb options these days, but the best one (from an energy conservation standpoint) is LED. You can save over 90% of your electricity by switching certain lights to their LED replacements. Not only that but LED lights also last longer and usually only need replacing once every 4 years.

9: Switch to Gas

Wherever possible, switch to gas. Gas heaters, Ovens and Geysers are a great way to save money. They are easy to run and maintain. Plus you save tons of electricity.

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