Optimising your solar and backup power system for winter ensures that you save on overall electricity costs and maintain the lifespan of your system batteries and components. InPower Energy helps customers make the most of your energy system during Winter - at no cost to you.  

Maximising Energy Production

Winter days are shorter, meaning fewer hours of sunlight for your solar panels to capture and convert into energy. By optimising your system, you can ensure that it makes the most of the available sunlight, generating as much power as possible during the limited daylight hours.

Optimised systems can perform better even in low-light conditions. Adjusting your system settings can enhance the performance of your solar panels during cloudy or overcast days, common in winter.

Understanding Solar Power

The benefits of optimising your system

Cost Savings on Electricity - Optimising your battery usage directly reduces your electricity expenses and reliance on the national grid. An optimised system will be more efficient in utilising stored energy and generating power from the available sunlight.

Maintain Battery Lifespan - Optimising your system helps minimise the strain on batteries and components, maintaining their overall lifespan. This also prevents premature wear and tear. Adjusting settings to suit winter conditions, guarantees that batteries function efficiently throughout their intended lifespan.

Preventing Overuse - Without optimisation, batteries may be inadvertently overused, reducing their lifespan and efficiency. Properly optimised systems prevent excessive strain on batteries, ensuring they last longer and perform better.

Avoiding Peak Charges - Energy consumption rises during the winter. An optimised system avoids peak electricity charges due to increased electricity usage.

Reduced Maintenance Costs - Optimised systems are less likely to encounter issues that require costly repairs or maintenance. 

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Ensuring Energy Security

Power outages due to bad weather during the winter are common. An optimised backup system ensures that you have a reliable source of power during such events. A stable energy supply, avoids disruptions caused by fluctuating energy production (loadshedding) and high energy consumption during winter.

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How InPower Energy optimises your solar and backup power system

InPower Energy clients benefit from a free system optimisation, ensuring the best possible performance of the system.

Optimising the system includes, assessing its run time and ensuring that energy needs are efficiently met.

Understanding the load profile is necessary for the system to be tailored to maximum efficiency.

Setting an appropriate depth of discharge (DOD) during winter ensures your system's longevity and optimal energy discharge during power outages. 

Optimising your solar and backup power system for winter is a necessary step for maximum efficiency, overall cost savings and system reliability. 

Make the most of your solar investment, enjoy lower electricity bills, and maintain the longevity and performance of your energy systems. Contact with our team to get started optimising your system today.