Get the best inverter battery backup for your home

  1. Understand and determine your power needs
  2. Choose your inverter
  3. Know your battery capacity
  4. Consider additional features

Step 1: Understand and determine your power needs

When deciding which inverter to purchase, it is important to understand what you will need to power. For example, the power needed for smaller appliances in the home—a kettle, microwave, air fryer—would not require a large inverter and battery pack. Calculating the wattage use, i.e., the total power consumption, of the appliances you would like to power during loadshedding will help determine the backup power you will need.

Step 2: Choose your best inverter battery backup solution

Step 3: Know your battery capacity

Step 4: Consider additional features of your selected best inverter battery backup system

The inverter you select may be equipped with additional features such a built-in charge controller, a remote control, or even an LCD display. These additional features will make it easier for you to manage your power consumption when the battery power supply is in use.

Step 5: String Inverter Optimisers

String inverter systems connect a set of solar panels to a singular inverter, aggregating the power output. Multiple strings of panels then connect to a single inverter where electricity is converted from DC to AC electricity. However, all the other solar panels on that string will perform and operate less efficiently if one of them is partially shaded, blocked, or experiencing maintenance issues. Many homeowners will also choose to install DC power optimizers with their string inverter to avoid this.

Each panel in the string has a separate DC power optimizer installed on it, which considers the performance of each panel individually. This means that even if one panel is covered or turns off, the other panels will continue to operate as usual. If your roof is partially shaded or not oriented to catch sunlight at its best, the addition of DC power optimizers is advised.

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