Best Solar PV System: Types, Pro’s, Con’s and More

The best solar PV system to install in Cape Town. Solar PV systems are a great alternative energy source, but what type of solar PV system is the best?There are 3 main types of Solar PV systems; Grid-tied, Hybrid and Off-grid


Grid-tied systems are the traditional solar PV systems that have solar panels installed on your property and are tied into the electric grid.

This means that any excess energy that is generated by your solar PV system will be sent back to the grid and your utility company (Eskom or City of Cape Town) will pay you for that energy.

The drawback to this type of system is that your property will be connected to the grid, which will require you to have your utility company on standby in case of an emergency.


  • Reduce overall energy usage from the grid!
  • Save money on your monthly electricity bill
  • Shorter payback period


  • Still reliant on the grid (Eskom or City of Cape Town)
  • Unless you install a battery backup (therefore creating a hybrid solution), you will still have no power during times of load-shedding


Hybrid Solar is connected to the grid and uses a battery backup to assist during load-shedding.

The hybrid solar PV system uses solar panels and a hybrid inverter with battery backup. The hybrid inverter can draw power from the grid and the battery backup.

This PV system has the benefits of a grid-tied system with the added battery as backup during load shedding.


  • Power during load-shedding,
  • Save on total electricity usage,
  • Fail-safe in case of system failure or low periods of sunlight.


  • Longer payback period due to the higher cost of the battery
hybrid solar installation


Off-grid PV systems are not connected to the primary utility electricity grid. Off-grid systems use solar panels and a solar inverter with an additional battery backup during times of poor sunlight. You provide 100% of your own electricity with this setup.


  • No reliance on any electricity supplier like Eskom or the City of Cape Town (no more load-shedding!)
  • Save money on your electricity usage, because you are off the grid!


  • You have no “backup” from the grid during a system failure or periods of poor sunlight
  • You require a base grid to operate and therefore need a battery for daily usage
  • This is the most expensive system to set up and maintain
solar energy solar installation cape town

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