Best Generator Brands in South Africa

Best Generator Brands in South Africa

Finding the best generator brands for your commercial and industrial needs can be complicated. InPower’s all-inclusive range of generator sets use some of the best brands in the world. Below is a list of the best generator brands available in South Africa:

  • Iveco
  • Volvo Penta
  • Baudouin
  • Perkins
  • SDEC
  • FAW


(Our Top Pick for Best Generator Brands)

Supplied by InPower, Iveco engines, also called FTP engines in generators, are designed and developed in Italy, France, Switzerland and Spain.With more than 40 years of manufacturing experience, Iveco engines have roots in the automotive and agricultural industries and are used on almost every continent. The versatility of their engines have extended to operate as prime and backup power generators.Well known for their reliability and versatility, the Iveco FPT range of engines for power generation has the right solutions for any commercial and industrial need; office blocks, banks, hospitals, shopping centres, construction sites, shipyards, and even domestic use.

best generator brands in south Africa

Volvo Penta

Known globally for its Swedish engine precision and fuel efficiency, Volvo generators are fitted with engines that are ideal for smaller businesses that require their generator to run for extended periods of time.To prevent engine damage, these engines have high temperature, low oil, water, and fuel protection.


Manufactured with French elegance, Baudouin engines are primarily designed and produced for marine application. The efficiency and durability of these engines make them ideal for generators and energy production.Baudouin is the best generator brand for the marine industry, and South African businesses such as Viking Fishing, Amawandle hake, Robertson and Caine, Hesper Engineering etc.


A leader in the design and manufacture of diesel generator engines, Perkins has been an engineering pioneer in the United Kingdom for more than 80 years.Used internationally in trucks and buses, their high quality, reliable engines are effective and efficient in silent diesel Perkins generators.


with more than 70 years of Asian manufacturing expertise, SDEC engines and generators do not compromise on technology or quality. As a high-power electrical energy producer, SDEC delivers and emphasises reliability and efficiency.Their engines are used in several sectors across the globe, including, transportation, construction, mechanical, energy, and marine. Their silent generators are also manufactured with OEM components and are suited to budget-conscious businesses.


The reliability of FAW engines has seen its engines widely used in heavy trucks and commercial vehicles all over the world. Because of this, the engines are now being used in the production of generators. As a highly technological and reliable brand, the performance of the engine within the generator is producing very good results. FAW generators are one of the most cost effective among smaller diesel generators

best generator brands in south Africa

The increasing demand for Best Generator brands

Loadsheding has been implemented indefinitely in South Africa. The country has been toggling between stage 3 and stage 4 loadshedding for an extended period of time, causing frustration and financial loss. As a result, homes and businesses must operate without electricity for at least 4 hours each day, necessitating the need for a backup energy source. At InPower Generators, we are able to provide you with that alternative.Having a generator fitted with a strong, reliable, fuel-efficient, and environmentally friendly engine is important. Choosing one of the best generator brands for your needs also involves taking into account the value of a good engine for longevity and environmental efficiency. Finding all these attributes in one generator is possible, but this will impact the cost.Our specialists are able to do a site assessment and consult on your alternative energy needs. We specialise in large-scale silent diesel generators for commercial and industrial use, and our service includes the installation, management, and refuelling of diesel generators.More About InPower GeneratorsOur Range of Generators