6 Benefits Of Using Solar Power For Commercial Buildings

Solar Power For Commercial Buildings

Solar Power for Commercial Buildings

Installing solar power for commercial buildings has several key benefits. We’ve listed 6 benefits of using solar energy for a commercial building!

Reduce Your Electricity Expense!

Electricity prices continue to increase as Eskom continually fails to deliver.
Tariffs for commercial and industrial users are at an all-time high.
Using solar power will reduce your business’s dependency on Eskom and you’ll pay lower electricity bills.

Solar Power for Commercial Buildings is an Investment

The initial cost of a commercial solar project is very high, but you will gain many incentives in the form of tax breaks and others.

With the right system, you can even “sell” your produced surplus energy back to Eskom (or in some cases the City of Cape Town) which helps pay off your initial investment even sooner.

Banks Finance Solar Power for Commercial Buildings

The South African government has eliminated much of the red tape to installing large solar projects and even the banks have offered their support.

Most major banks in South Africa (including; FNB, Standard Bank and Nebdbank) offer finance for large solar PV projects. You could structure a deal where you don’t take any risk on the investment.

InPower Solar Specialists offer Finance solutions of their own which will help you maximise on your investment returns without taking any risk!

Help Save the Environment

Installing solar PV systems reduces the reliance on fossil fuels for electric power. Solar power helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions globally!

Low Cost to Maintain

Unlike other energy sources, solar PV systems require very little maintenance.

You not only save on increased electricity tariffs but won't have to perform any maintenance for your first 5 years after installation (provided you have the correct installation for your needs and that installation was performed properly by an experienced solar specialist)

Add Value to Your Brand

Installing solar projects for your commercial buildings is a great way to add value to people's lives and is a value proposition that your brand can leverage when communicating with your audience.

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